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"Thank you Madia! We all agreed that your cooking lesson  today has inspired us to make healthier choices and to eat & cook as a family. After your consult we are trying new foods. All the information & recipes help a lot- It makes it seem so obvious."


"Madia gives wonderful classes! I've been learning so much from both the Kick the Sugar, and Jumpstart Your Health classes. I've noticed a big change in my overall eating habits."


"Thank you so much for your help Madia. There is much conflicting information out there, as such you are an invaluable Oracle of expertise knowledge!


"This Thanksgiving, I wanted to give my thanks to you, Madia, because you changed my life this year with your amazing recipes and insight."


"As long as we’re talking about food, the 'icing on the cake' of working with Madia (of course, we’re talking about a wonderfully healthy icing for which Madia is sure to have a recipe!) is that Madia is a genuinely wonderful person, an incredible artist, a calm/supportive/inspiring teacher, and a prolific inventor of creative recipes."


"Madia makes these nutrition presentations worthwhile! She is great at researching the topic of choice. I will be coming back for more."



"Thank you Madia! I lost 10 pounds this week, went from 223 to 213 - the most ever. I appreciate your knowledge and input."


“Madia- When I dropped in for your health class in February I had no idea I was in for a comprehensive crash-course in nutrition! Thank you for sharing the world of food choices in such a tasty and accessible way!"

- Sue

"Knowing where my food was coming from and what went into producing it was a valuable lesson. Madia was very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with."



"Madia is so knowledgeable & engaging. Love these workshops. I've been to the same ones multiple times and I always learn something new."

- Rebecca

"In Madia's online class, I loved the relaxed nature of the discussion. Madia would ask a question to the group and some people took the opening to share; the handout was useful for flow and clarity."

- Lynn

"Madia is a wonderful, knowledgeable presenter with a very down-to-earth and friendly style. She is an excellent teacher! Please keep bringing us her workshops!"

- Jessica


"Madia's presentations are very well sourced, informative, and comfortable. There is no sense of judgement when we ask a question, and I appreciate the thought she puts into her responses. I take workshops just because they're hers, and I always learn something, even when I've attended a session before."


"Madia is an expert in all things nutrition. I really enjoy her workshops. I've re-taken the classes and I always learn something new. Also attendees of the workshops often have valuable information to share with the group. It's a great platform for sharing & learning."

- Janice

"I find Madia's info and delivery in these wellness workshops to be very accessible and reasonable. The discussion, handout, and question & answer session were all really good!"

- Robert


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