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"I reached out to Madia after years of going to different doctors, being prescribed a variety of antibiotics and still suffering from stomach problems and chronic pain. Madia listened intently to my problems and offered a holistic solution for my chronic pain and stomach issues. After 1 week of following her easy and delicious recipes, my stomach and joint pain was gone! I have been following her protocol for the past 3 months now and have never felt better. Additionally, I have no need for medication or caffeine due to a now abundant amount of energy. I am incredibly grateful for Madia's holistic approach to nutrition and highly recommend her to anyone suffering from a chronic pain or an autoimmune disease."


"Madia makes these nutrition presentations worthwhile! She is great at researching the topic of choice. I will be coming back for more."


"I first met Madia when I enrolled in an introductory Ketogenic lifestyle and cooking series about 3 years ago that she and her colleague created. The lessons learned in that class and subsequent classes launched me on a journey that altered the course of my health from sketchy (chronic fatigue, low energy, depression, erratic blood sugar, etc.) to vibrant.

Through other classes I retrieved a sense of well-being and balance that I had not felt in decades. And that sense of well-being continues today, even when I am not always making perfect choices.

Equally important, the knowledge, recipes, and skills I acquired have given me an effective way to get back on track at those times when life throws curve balls, because all of us have times when good health habits are derailed (think “holiday indulgences”). However, I have found that as healthier habits are cemented and my health is supported more consistently, it is easier to recover from occasional periods of less healthy choices . 

I don’t want to sound like a starry-eyed, “True Believer” convert proclaiming that my life has been dramatically changed, but the truth is that is exactly what has happened, as evidenced by the following:

I have not had a severe episode of depression since I started on this path; 

I’ve learned that gluten and refined sugar are my biggest enemies, and that I can significantly boost my health by merely avoiding those two items;

My culinary palate and default dietary choices have shifted over time without effort, resulting in an enthusiastic willingness to make better choices (rather than a disgruntled sense of being forced to make better choices). 

In other words, I happily self-correct when I start straying from good health habits because my body is now acutely aware of how damaging certain food choices are for me; and because I feel so unwell after I make poor dietary choices. 

The silver lining is that I have internalized the instinct to avoid foods that make me feel unwell After experiencing several years of good health, I’ve made an investment and have decided it’s simply not worth it to go down the slippery slope toward ill health again. (Good news—I can still eat dark chocolate for its many benefits!). 

The additional silver lining is that even though I am imperfect and sometimes make less than optimal choices to support my health, my choice to adhere to good habits most of the time means that I am extremely resilient when I do slip. I can recover my sense of well-being so much more quickly now than I could years ago when my overall health was so much less robust.

And, as long as we’re talking about food, the “icing on the cake” of working with Madia (of course, we’re talking about a wonderfully healthy icing for which Madia is sure to have a recipe!) is that Madia is a genuinely wonderful person, an incredible artist, a calm/supportive/inspiring teacher, and a prolific inventor of creative recipes. 

Most important, Madia is someone who truly believes in her work since she has wrestled with her own health challenge and has a deep understanding of what her students are experiencing.

What better gift than to be instructed by a teacher who has traveled the same path?"


"Thank you Madia! We all agreed that your cooking lesson  today has inspired us to make healthier choices and to eat & cook as a family. After your consult we are trying new foods. All the information & recipes help a lot- It makes it seem so obvious."


"Madia gives wonderful classes. I've been learning so much from both the Kick the Sugar, and and Jumpstart Your Health classes. I've noticed a big change in my overall eating habits."


"This Thanksgiving, I wanted to give my thanks to you, Madia, because you changed my life this year with your amazing recipes and insight."


"Thank you so much for your help Madia. There is much conflicting information out there, as such you are an invaluable Oracle of expertise knowledge!


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